* Willys MB, Ford GPW. Hotchkiss M201

* Engine rebuilding

* Unleaded conversions

* Crack repair

* Electronic distributors

Jeep engine totally rebuilt in our machine shop.

Engine rebuilding. We rebuild Jeep engines using your own unit. Alternatively we can overhaul your block, which entails cleaning out the water jacket, cleaning out the oil gallery, rebore, fit and machine unleaded compatible valve seats, lap in new valves, fit new valve guides. We repair cracks. We also try to keep a stock of rebuilt engines to supply on an exchange basis, although demand often means that we are out of stock.

Electronic ignition kits We do electronic conversions for your Jeep distributor. State whether 6v or 12v, negative or positive earth. All electronics are inside the distributor, and the only visual difference from outside is that there are 2 leads instead of one. (These are hidden inside a single sleeve.) Easier starting, never have to adjust or replace points, more power, less fuel consumption. Give your Jeep a nippy, responsive feel. Particularly effective in overcoming 6v starting problems. The answer to starting on cold, wet mornings. Available as an easy-to-fit kit, or send us your distributor. For the ultimate spark, we can supply a high output coil matched to the electronic kit.

Gearboxes and transfer cases. We rebuild Jeep gearboxes and transfer cases using your own unit. As with engines, we try to keep a stock of rebuilt units to supply on an exchange basis, although demand often means that we are out of stock.

Jeep distributors. We stock jeep distributors, either secondhand or rebuilt. Models Willys MB, Ford GPW, (6v, 12v, early and late models), Hotchkiss, M38A1, CJ3B.

Alternator conversion kits. These consist of an reconditioned alternator, heavy duty bracket, pulley, pulley fan, adjuster arm, fan belt, all nuts and bolts, wiring loom, warning light, wiring diagram and full instructions. Replaces the generator and regulator control box, and converts the system to 12v. More details.

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